The power of the words, magical water

What is the power of the words on us?
What is the power of the feelings too?

Everybody will say, of course, they are powerful!  After one conversation, we can be happy, satisfied, sad, angry or horrified…
But we can prove this.

The humans are made up of more than 70% of water. Because the water molecules are  receptive to feelings, words, pictures, music and emotions, Imagine the impact on our body.

A Japanese, Dr. Masaru Emotoa (1943-2014) has studied this phenomenon for decades.
He has frozen water after having put an attention, added a word -positive or negative, that the water remains in an atmosphere of war, or harmony, or close to music, classical  music or heavy metal.
After freezing these water containers, he studied the different structures under a microscope
The result is extraordinary.

Look at the pictures, it’s amazing!

So tell me, what to do with his information?

Speak positively, with love, listen to soft music, and on the carafe of water that you are going to drink, attach a label “happiness” or “love.” If you are sick, write the word “Healing”, as well as the glasses of all your guests. This can also be under the glass that you will create or that you will transform… 🙂

Water can be blessed, contaminated, radioactive… make it the creator of change in you.

I sometimes energize water in a positive way to help a suffering person. You can also do it through your intention and word affix to the bottle. do not hesitate. 🙂

It’s my little advice of the moment…

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