Shaman’s ceremony: making a sacred amulet.

It was a day where I went to see the shaman.

This one was in consultation. I sat a little apart, everyone was waiting in turn, the consultations were public.

The one before me takes out of his pocket a fabric in which something is wrapped. The shaman takes it and discovers its content.
It takes a while for me to see, and understand what it’s all about. In fact, it’s Sophal who will tell me what it is because I can’t see it.

She explains to me that it’s a born dead kitten. He was the only one born that day and it is a godsend (apparently).
So the cat owner took the dead kitten, roasted it on the stove to make it completely dry and brought it to the shaman.
Why will you ask me? Well, to make it a very powerful sacred amulet.
There will follow incantations:
then embalming the kitten with cotton yarn,

it will then be a source of incantations again,


then put in a cloth covered with sacred signs.

He will be blessed again, then put in a small bag. The owner will also be blessed.

The amulet thus created will be given to its owner, he is advised to hang this small bag above the front door to bless and protect all those who cross the threshold of this door.

He can also keep it with him.

He will need to be given rice regularly and prayed to continue to receive his power and benefits.

It is also possible to embalm fetuses that have been removed from the mother’s womb… a pregnant woman’s bones are formidable talismans, and fetuses can cause a very powerful amulet*.

*source : parler le Cambodgien Comprendre le Cambodgien, de Pierre Régis Martin et Dy Dathsy.

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