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Sophie Ferry : +33 (0)699229197

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8 thoughts on “To contact us

  1. Hello Sophie

    I am in Siem Reap for a week next week. I am staying at Thierry’s villa. I would like to book a morning session consultation with Khmer Shaman during my stay. Please let me know if you’re available and if yes, which day.

    Kind regards

    • Sorry to my late answer; I’m In France from now to the 17th August.
      You can join my friend, if it’s not to late for you :
      Thyda Sec :
      or with a messenger/facebook : Thyda Sec
      Thank you.

  2. Hello I am in Phnom Penh & heading toward Siam Reap this weekend. Here for only a short time. I am interest in healing of the inner child & possibly a tatoo.

  3. Hello Sophie

    I would like to book a session with you and a reader for tomorrow or next day I’m in Cambodia till the 19th please contact me when you have the chance.
    Thank you

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