What we suggest


  • Holistic Care by Sophie – Osteopathy

Sophie was given the gift of healing years ago and has so far treated more than a thousand people and animals. She also trains future healers.

Your environment, diet and lifestyle can all interfere with the energy balance of your body, leading to health problems. An accident, a moment of despair, and you don’t know where to turn…

She can help you with an holistic treatment :
Physically : pain, headache, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, skin problem, shingles, burns… and more
Emotionally : a loss, bereavement, a difficult situation, stress…
Spiritually : opening your third eye and your Chakras on request

She treats with energy, osteopathy, sacrocranial therapy and Chinese medicine.

Sophie can give remote cares too.


(Consultation period of 45 minutes to 1h30)

  • Animal care      Sophie can give a care to any animal, domestic or wild, in the same place or remote place.
  • It’s the same care as a human care, but if the animal is little, the care will not take as long.
  • if the animal is a elephant, a horse or a cow, the care will take the same time as a human care.


  • Remote care

It’s possible with a picture and with the agreement of the person.

  • The Passage of a Soul from Darkness into Light

  • Fire cutter               Don’t hesitate to contact Sophie if your burn yourself, for chemotherapeutic and radiotherapy treatment . Sophie can cut the fire.

  • Chaman’s Consultation – with Kree or Pow Tchu Sao     1/2 day
    (depending on their availability)

Sophie offers an introduction to a Khmer shaman whom you can see consulting with locals or receive a consultation yourself.

This is not in the tourist route.

To have a unique and wonderful experience.

You will be accompanied by Sophal, a Khmer woman who speaks Khmer, English and French, and will explain to you all about Khmer culture and beliefs.

Sophie will give you some explanations too.

You will have an exceptional and really special experience. You will never forget it.

Chaman- "Kru Khmer" for Cambodian people -
They are only speaking Cambodian, but Sophal, interpreter, 
is present to explain all rhythms and ceremonies.
They see the present, the past but also the future.
They may bless you, or remove evil spells, or simply 
answer your questions.

It's possible to eat a picnic on a lotus lake in the countryside just after a consultation,
 before to go back to Siem-Reap.

  • Chaman’s consultation and Sophie’s care.
for one day : 
morning : go to see The Khmer Shaman
afternoon : receive a care from Sophie.
Picnic on a lotus lake in the countryside possible. (optional)

  • Clairvoyant medium’s consultation with Katia and Sophie’s care.

Katia is a sino-russe medium. She’s leaving now in Russia and gives consultations with Sophie, by skype.

She will help you to discover what your soul would like you to know. She will read in your soul, your heart, your body and your spirit, and will give you keys to be better with yourself. It’s an amazing experience you need to try if you want to have the keys for your future life.

After that, Sophie will give you a care to help you with the way you decide to go.

around 2h30 to 3h30


  • Meditation  
30 minutes

  •  Healing and meditation
Healing + opening chakras                   1h
Healing + repair your inner child          1h30
Healing + opening chakras meditation        1h30
Healing and Other personalized Meditation   1h30

  • One spiritual day in the temples :11059415_472529742901561_560139234938788556_nYou will discover the energy from Angkor Wat, Bayon, Terrace of the elephants and Preah Khan.
Sophie offers to accompany you in the temples and you 
will discover the extraordinary energies of the temples, 
You will have some meditations to connect yourself to the temples.
She will talk about the spiritual side and you will 
be fullfilled with the great temple's energy.

  • Spiritual Evolution Day :
  • Meet a Khmer Shaman
  • Have a Meditation
  • Eat on a lotus lake
  • Receive the blessings of a Venerable


Sophie and the Shaman guide you in the special day 
to contact your deep being.
 It’s a great opportunity to receive the strong energy 
and vibrations of the area around Angkor’s temples for 
your personnel development.
 Program :
 9H :  RDV at Siem Reap
Explanation about the chaman and the khmer culture.
 and departure for a ceremony with the Khmer Shaman
 answer your questions, benediction.
 Lunch : (Khmer vegetarian meals and drink)
 Afternoon :
 Receive a blessing of a Venerable at a pagoda. (shower)
 Go back to your hotel around 5 pm.

One day : possibility to  Meet a Khmer Shaman and have a consultation. After that, we will eat in the traditional house, with khmer family. See how the woman does incense sticks and receive the blessings of a Venerable (Monk)



 Program :
 9h :  RDV at Siem Reap
Explanation about the chaman and the khmer culture.
 and departure for a ceremony with the Khmer Shaman
 answer your questions, benediction.
Go to the Khmer village. 
Lunch : with khmer family in a traditionnel house.
See the traditional fabrication of incense
Go to the pagoda and receive the blessings of a Venerable (Monk)
 Go back to your hotel around 5 pm.

  •  Sacred tatoo

Sacred tatoo (invisible or not) made by a Cambodian “Atchar”.

Getting a sacred tattoo done by a Cambodian “Atchar”. The Atchar is an ancient monk who preferred to leave the pagoda but who remains at the disposal of the villagers, he is entitled to receive Cambodians for consultations, such as a Khru (shaman), and is called to be a master of ceremonies : wedding, funeral, blessing…

The atchar will discuss with you about the choice of your tattoo, give you advice / what he can read in you.

The tattoo is done after this interview.

  •  training to become healer (6 days)


To become a healer and learn to heal through the energies 
of the universe.

We spend 6 days in the privileged place of the sacred 
temples of Angkor, you will receive an exceptional training.

You will be able to cure, heal and relieve all kinds of living beings.

You will come out of this place fulfilled with 
new vibrations.

(Training period - 6 days)

If you want to discover temples, you need take more days.


  • Sophie will study all propositions

It’s possible to go visiting a traditional Khmer family and a traditional woman who makes traditional  incense sticks, and go to meet Thiv’s family  (see the page “volunteering”)

(if you want to help him)