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  1. Coco, found emaciated at my cats pagoda at the end of March, has been diagnosed as carrying the dreaded FIV (Aids) virus.
    After a lot of medical care at Vet and at my home, I had asked my friend healer Sophie Ferry to give Coco a distance healing, and I have witnessed definitely some improvement in this cat’s condition.
    It’s not the first time that Sophie’s magic hands and high concentration are doing wonders for my sick pagoda cats….
    Sophie continues to provide distance healing to Coco who is living a quiet but happy life under the kind monk’s care.
    Merci, Sophie!

  2. Hello Sophie. I had a healing from you last week.
    My husband is interested in seeing you for some healing and I wondered if you were free before we leave? Are u free Tuesday sometime? .
    I am feeling better in my stomach, pain went that evening. I have been sleeping very well, and I am doing my best in doing my mediation that you told me to do. Its hard to visualise my heart as a bright light through a dark stone but I am working on it! Thank you for your help.
    You are amazing and special to me.

  3. Aum
    How to say a Thank You to the height of the generosity of your meeting…
    I have the impression to have taken a Big step thanks to these 3 days in your benevolent presence, guided by and in your good care.
    I will let all these emotions decant, and this sacred tattoo will remain the symbol of these 3 unforgettable days, of this spiritual evolution.
    The meeting with Katia made things happen
    in me.
    This afternoon’s meditation following the meeting was a beautiful opening and discussion with my husband tonight full of emotions.
    I leave with a big tool case full of keys.
    Thank you for your luminous presence, your openness of heart and all the time you have given us.
    Thanks for the pictures too and the video which is great!
    In the joy of meeting you for more sharing!


  4. Martine

    Thank you to Sophie, the benevolent and luminous Sophie for guiding us through experiences that open up to self-knowledge and understanding!
    Thank you very much for these shared moments. How nice to see you again! So continue to open the way of serenity and well-being to all your fellow human beings.
    I kiss you

  5. Sophie opened my heart chakra in November after consulting Katia, the clairvoyant medium on Skype. I was alway repeating the same patterns regarding relationships. I met my twin soul on the 1st of January, few weeks after a healing with Sophie. It was such a magical moment and a crucial moment in my life. It’s been almost two months that I learn through this experience. Many thanks Sophie and Katia for helping to experiment true love, that’s to say ”loving myself”.

  6. Life is full of unforeseen things and it is wonderful when it puts on our path people as beautiful and luminous as Sophie. Arrived in Cambodia to do a raid with his back blocked… difficult to run at ease in his conditions. Through her care, Sophie gave me back my breath. A huge thank you Sophie

  7. I would like to talk to you about my great friend Sophie Ferry!
    Like me, she has a special gift and our meeting was not a coincidence …
    I’ve known her for 3 years now and I have moved few times from Belgium to see her!
    My last visit last week was even more rewarding, intense and deeper…
    I had the opportunity to do 2 days of research on myself and on my relationship with the human being and the energies of the world more than powerful and bright…
    Sophie surrounds you with all her love and listens to you during a whole well organized and adapted process according to your personal and particular requests!
    Its openness and know-how is rich and it will help you to find the way with light, kindness and sweetness …
    I recommend the tour that she prepares for you and that allows you to meet the shaman, to take a shower, to meditate at the temple, to share a yoga session and relaxation in the water and many other surprises …
    Often , when we have tried everything, meeting her make changes and all becomes clear and the understanding of our ills is transformed into words that lead to resolution …
    Do not be afraid, listen to the energies and come to understand and feel at Sophie’s place …

  8. Healing for my pagoda cats by Sophie Ferry
    Animals don’t lie… I have seen it time and time again, whenever a healing was performed by Sophie on a sick or injured cat, on the spot or by distance, they reacted immediately with a surge of energy. Pretty amazing…
    Thank you, Sophie’s Healing, for your support to my Pagoda Cats.

  9. Just to let you know that I’m feeling better and seem to be healing better around my sinuses….
    At last I feel as if things are improving…… I even tried to play my flute and now feel like playing again …. YES !!!!!
    My back feels good despite my bad posture which is a bonus !
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Many thanks

  10. I made an appointment with Sophie so she could help me remove the pain on my right wrist after a break. Sophie explained to me that it would take at least three sessions to get there and finally two sessions were enough. With the help of her magnetism she managed to unblock the nerve that made me suffer. Thanks to it I gradually found the use of my wrist and I recommend it to my friends or hosts as soon as I can. Thanks again Sophie for your help.

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