Who are we?

Sophie FERRY

Sophie is a healer.

She has always loved traveling. At 25, she went to the Sahara.
People brought children or adults for her to cure them. She was feeling powerless facing so much pain and was regretting not being able to do anything to help these people who had no doctor, no clinic.
During a world tour, she met a healer in Laos who treated her recurrent headaches. He also offered her to become a healer ! What a happiness.
– It does not happen like that,he said, it takes a little time. Sophie then replied:
– Call me, and wherever I am, I’ll come.
A year later, he told her he had time for her. She took a plane and learn the art of healing. Since then, her life has taken a new direction.

Today, she lives in Cambodia, where she has been attracted by the energy and the beauty of the place. She treats expatriates, tourists, locals and animals that sometimes come at her door to ask for help!
Sophie is used to receive people or animals to whom the professionals of the medical or veterinary world are hopeless.

Having treated thousands of people and animals, Sophie can work precisely on people’s pain, whether on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
Sophie’s credo: “Live now, since it’s the only one time on which we can act.” CARPE DIEM”

What she can do for you :

Your environment, diet and lifestyle can all interfere with the energy balance of your body, leading to health problems. An accident, a moment of despair, and you don’t know where to turn to…

She can help you :

Physically : pain, headache, insomnia, back pain, sciatica, skin problem, shingles, burns… and more

Emotionally : a loss, bereavement, a difficult situation, stress…

Spiritually : opening your third eye and your Chakras on request

Now , Sophie stay in France, she still can help you, if you need it,

contact her : +33(0)6 99 22 91 97.


There are Chamans, in Khmer language they are called “Kru Khmer”
They speaks only Cambodian, but an interpreter is present to explain all rhythms and ceremonies.
They see the present, the past and also the future.
They may bless you, to remove evil spells, or simply answer your questions.

Pow Tchu Sao


CHREE 1one interview about them with Psych Life


Katia is Sino-Russian clairvoyante-medium. She arrived in Cambodia in 2009, and she met Sophie very quickly after her arrival. Now She’s in Russia, however we can have an consultation by skype.

Before becoming the one she is today, she had several lives and works, including managing big restaurants in Russia. This hectic life of a recognized businesswoman  didn’t mean much to her life, and as her gifts were growing exponentially, she decided to leave everything behind to come and live in this country, fulfilled with energy and opened to all possibilities.

With her ability to read in everyone’s soul, she was able to form an exciting duo with Sophie.

Her abilities will surprise you, and allied to a specific care by Sophie, you will be able to continue your journey of life, in full awareness of the facts, having the keys to progress and evolve to become the one you really want to be.


He was a monk and decided to become Atchar (master of ceremonies), so he left the temple to establish himself as a Shaman/Atchar. He manages the different events, like funerals, weddings, he is the Master of Ceremonies. He also makes sacred tattoos. We can meet him on our trips.


Sophal is a Khmer woman working with Sophie since 2010. With her, she has learned French and she speaks English too. She is also a healer.

sophalShe is an extraordinary woman who came from an extremely poor family. All among with hard work and perseverance, she has become the hospitable, intelligent, inventive and always good-humored woman she is today.

She is the interpreter of the Khmer ceremonies, and an ideal collaborator for Sophie.

She also helps and follows the projects of help and mutual aid for the Cambodian people that she and Sophie have put in place.

She currently sells teas that she makes herself, derived from plants.

Her grandmother and now her mother makes incense sticks that she also sells. Her family lives in the midst of Angkor temples in a traditional Khmer house.

She will explain you Khmer customs and culture if you meet her way.


Pierra will be with us for all trip we will do. He’s our tuktuk-man.He can pick up you also if you want to have an appointment with me. He’s speaking English too. He’s a very cheerful and friendly man. You will be happy to meet him.