Illness – the care doesn’t works ?

The care doesn’t works ? Yes it’s happen sometimes.
Your body try to tell you something. Something in your live is not good for you.
And it’s only with your body, that your heart can talk with you. It said to you, something is wrong for you in your life, and you need to change it.

Take time for you, and listen your heart, ask it why you are sick, and you will know.
Because you know what is not good for you in this life.
And because you know, change now, move,
don’t let the thing, somebody or a situation to make you sick.

I know, It’s not easy to change our live, so, find somebody to talk about this, To help you.
But, don’t stay in this situation. I can help you for this too.
But don’t stay alone.

Take care. Connect with yourself.
You know what is good for you. Be happy, you deserve it.

heureux heureuse orteils

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