meet a khmer shaman

Her name is Pow Tchu Sao. In other words: White lotus flower, it is the youngest member of the family. She is a Khru ( in Khmer) in fact she is a shaman and clairvoyant.



She lives 45 minutes away from Siem Reap. Here, no direct pass,  when you arrive, you have to take a number, and wait wisely for your turn to have the privilege of meeting her upstairs in her Khmer house.
She is one hell of a woman, from her height of 1.50 m, she has a strong character, doesn’t mince her words, but is like a mother, at the same time sweet, tender, giving advice but also being strict when it is necessary and able to reprimand if necessary. Besides, Cambodians call her Mom.

There is no way of going before your turn, no way of paying “overpriced” for your consultation to obtain a consultation in your favour. She repays your “offence” loud and clear.

She receives clients from 10am onwards. Every day of the year.

At her house there are small offering trays – incense candles flowers areca nuts, and betel leaves – that we will buy 2000 riels (0.5 dollars) to present to her when it is our turn. It is customary to associate a few banknotes with them.

It is also possible to buy water that it will bless or other miscellaneous products, statues, beauty products….


Everyone is waiting quietly sitting on the floor on mats. She is sitting on the floor in the corner of the house, in front of her hotel where a Buddha and other statues are present, representing the spirits who accompany her during her consultations.

When she arrives, she lights incense, candles, makes a silent prayer, and invites the spirits who guide her to come and help her. When she is ready, she turns to us and greets us with a big kind smile, then calls the first consultant.

She asks them what they wants to know, or starts right away with what she sees.

She speaks loudly and without hesitation. And she sees a lot of things 😉 it’s impressive.

When she sees me coming, she gives me a big smile and asks me if I would go and treat her husband. He’s next door, lying on the balcony. I obviously accept with great pleasure.

I am with a group of friends, curious and also eager for answers. The answers are clear and precise: prices, dates, defects, things to improve, our group will not be disappointed. She will have the right words for everyone and will answer all the questions with great precision.

Following this meeting, she will tie a pink wool bracelet around our wrists, and give as many as it will take to put on family members and vehicles: car, motobike, bicycle. It will bless the water and the objects purchased. She will be able to bless people in need, heal them, or even give a name to a newborn child. (and the list is not finite)

Many Khmer people come to see her to find out what to do with their land (sell it)? If so, at what cost? Can I prospect, do business?… where do I build a house? Is my land a good place to do it? Many requests also concerning future marriages, others are related to businesses, family life,…

We will leave with the certainty of having dealt with a great clairvoyant but also a psychic too.

Some pictures :

Pow Tchu Sao’s hotel

Her husband’s hotel. He is indeed a very great shaman too. He gives consultations on his balcony.

And here’s Pow Tchu Sao in the middle of a consultation

Here is a shelf of things that can be bought and added to the offering tray to be blessed by the Khru, which we will then take back with us.

the consultations are public:

This woman is visible every day, it takes half a day for a consultation.
If you would like to meet her, please contact me. I would be happy to accompany you there with Sophal, our translator. You will know her story, how she became a khru, why, what she is allowed and forbidden to do. You will also learn about the Khmer beliefs and traditions that lead Cambodians to consult their shaman.

All-inclusive price: (transport, translation, drinks, offerings, consultation* and explanations)

if you come alone: $80

if you come to 2: $50/pers

if you come to 3 or more: 45$/pers.

The number of people is limited to a maximum of 4 or 5.

*Consultation is optional. You can decide on the spot whether or not to have one. If you just want to see how the shaman interacts with Cambodians and attend other consultations, which are public, that is possible.

It is an extraordinary experience that you will never forget.

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