Shaman’s ceremony: making a sacred amulet.

It was a day where I went to see the shaman.

This one was in consultation. I sat a little apart, everyone was waiting in turn, the consultations were public.

The one before me takes out of his pocket a fabric in which something is wrapped. The shaman takes it and discovers its content.
It takes a while for me to see, and understand what it’s all about. In fact, it’s Sophal who will tell me what it is because I can’t see it.

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In France this summer.


This summer, I will be in France to give healer training.

I will be there from June 19 to August 15, 2018.

Several courses are scheduled, only the course from 1 to 6 July still has a few places. Classes are in French.
However, I will not be available for spiritual days or for care in Cambodia.

However, skype and remote care will always be possible.

I plan to do a training in English in October 2018 in Cambodia, if you are interested, let me know.

See you soon


Event 4th February



Join us on 5th of February at The Siem Reap Food Coop & meet Healers & Shamans living here and traveling… Discover the world of spirits, soul, aura, prana… But also environnement protection, bio-product & permaculture.

Our friends will present their work then they will be at Food Coop all day to exchange & talk point of view, life style, choice…

Will be here too : KAMBIO, Mme SOPHAL TEA, BANDRUI, Jiva, Sophie (Healer), Katia (Medium-claire-voyante), Patrick (Reiki)

9.30 am YOGA CLASS (1h) Bring your own mat (USD5 per person)
2pm Talking Circle

see you on The 4th February !